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Online Resources About Production Cels Updated 10/25/2018

The purposes of this page is to collect links to resources about collecting original production animation cels, relevant terminology, online sites that sell anime, US, and other nation animation cels, and groups that connect you with other collectors. Please feel free to let me know on ones I should add!

Resource on production cels
An introduction to anime cels
What is an anime cel?
Video: History of Cel Animation
Video: History of Cel Animation Part 2
Video: Akira - The Animation and Coloring Process
Video: The Animation Process of Sailormoon (in Japanese)
Video: Culture Japan - How Anime is Made at JC Staff
Video: ANN Inside Toei Animation Part 1
Anime-beta Forum about cel preservation and other topics (will need to join site). What Every Anime Art Collector Needs To Know
Video: How to Frame and Care for Cels

Communities of production cel collectors
Rubberslug is a long running site where you can set up your own site for sharing anime cels and seeing others. Rubberslug
Anime-beta is a long running community of anime cel collectors and a great place to learn about the hobby. Anime Beta
Rubberslug and Anime-beta Facebook group Rubberslug & Anime Beta
Anime Cel Collectors is a Facebook group for anime cel collectors: Anime Cel Collectors on Facebook
A Facebook group focused more on US and other non-anime cel Collectors (but does have some anime collectors) Animation Cel Collectors

Places to buy anime production cels
Anime Ed (Here!)
Anime Haven Net
Animation Legends
Asylum Anime
Avane Shop
Gremlin Fine Arts & Framing
Kasumi Cels
Kochi Gallery
Madoka Japan
Robert's Anime Corner Store
Sean's Anime
Takamura Store
Zip's Toys

Places to buy US and other parts of the world production cels
Animation Connection
Animation Legends
Animation Sensations
Baker Animation
Charles Scott Gallery
Choice Collectibles
Comic Mint
First Animation Art
Hyaena Gallery
Premier Animation
Van Eaton Galleries
Wonderful World of Animation

Service to help you buy anime production cels from Japanese auction sites
Shopping Mall Japan
Zen Market